Dream Stuff

DREAM STUFF Suppose you have a dream… You are walking through a forest and you can hear two sounds above all the others. You can hear beautiful birdsong, but you can also hear a wolf howling. You start to wonder what it means. As you focus your attention on the birdsong it grows louder, and […]

Up the Bypass

UP THE BYPASS The term  spiritual bypassing was first coined by psychologist and Buddhist teacher John Welwood in 1984. It refers to the many ways in which people use spiritual teaching and practices to avoid facing painful emotions, situations or unmet needs. Sometimes spiritual teachings can be used to legitimise that avoidance; sometimes the bypassing may […]

Tick Tock Dandelion Clock

TICK TOCK DANDELION CLOCK What do you see when you look at this photo of a dandelion clock? What does it evoke for you? What thoughts and feelings arise? When I took the photo, my aim was to capture the beauty of it. The perfection of form and symmetry, the fragility. I was captivated by […]

A Change in Perspective

A CHANGE IN PERSPECTIVE “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”      Marcus Aurelius I am deeply grateful to have grown up with grandparents in my life and my own children have been privileged to know two of their great-grandparents. I always loved listening to the […]

Beyond Belief

BEYOND BELIEF Every one of us will have been affected in some way by the Covid 19 pandemic or the world’s reaction to it. My heart goes out to every person who has experienced suffering or hardship. Those who have been ill themselves or witnessed the suffering of others, those who have lost loved ones […]