Insights from Salt Spring

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20 July 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Insights from Salt Spring

“Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.”  Hans Margolius


I arrived on Salt Spring Island in Canada already resting in a beautiful state of not knowing.

I certainly did not know what had suddenly made it imperative that I go to the next Three Principles School. What I had recognised was a strong, familiar intuition within me. It arises from a deep place in my being; the place that knows. The moment I felt it, I knew that nothing would stop me going; not time, money, domestic affairs or work commitments.

I allowed myself three whole days before the start of the school session to explore and relax in the beautiful surroundings. The luxury of completely unstructured time was the perfect antidote to my busy life at home. I was mesmerised by the stillness of the water in Ganges harbour as the wind dropped each evening turning the sea into a mirror. My mind became quieter each time my gaze was drawn to the glassy water and I was filled with gratitude for life.

The school itself was magical. Elsie Spittle and Chip Chipman shared with such simplicity, love and presence that everyone in the room was deeply touched. I connected with friends old and new and as the conversations flowed seamlessly into one another, I felt a familiar spaciousness within.

Into the quiet, reflective space, came insight. I started to see how I had very subtly put limits on the way in which I share the principles. What really lights me up is pointing people to their true spiritual nature but I noticed hesitancy, resistance and even fear sometimes creeps in around this. I find myself filtering the words that spring to mind in favour of more neutral language. Learning the principles provided me with a bridge between the pure spiritual essence I realised myself to be at my core and the messy, emotional, mass of contradictions that is the human being known as Carol. The principles explained how I could know the bliss and perfection of my soul and still feel the emotional pain of events in my past. They provided the missing link in my understanding of life which proved transformational; transmuting past pain into compassion and forgiveness. Yet I noticed that I had recently become distracted by the psychological implications of that transformation rather than its spiritual source.

I realised that I had come to Salt Spring Island seeking some sort of confirmation or permission to share directly from that deeper place in myself, to be the bridge between the form and the formless so that others might cross to a deeper understanding too. The moment I saw the seeking of that permission, the need for it evaporated like mist in the morning sun. No permission is required to be as I am.

I heard Chip say that he was profoundly grateful to Sydney Banks for having the courage to share what he had seen with the world. When Elsie asked me what I would be taking away from the seminar it was the word courage that came to mind; courage to stand completely alone without reference to any external authority and to share what comes directly through me. As I listened to Elsie and Chip and my mind became as still and reflective as the water in the harbour, I could see clearly that any fear I felt was illusory anyway: simply thoughts creating ripples on the surface until they were spent.

The freedom feels truly infinite.


I am deeply grateful to Elsie Spittle, Chip Chipman and Jan Chipman and everyone present at the June 2015 session of the Three Principles School for making it such a special experience. Thank you all,




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