For the last five years my friend and colleague Ian Watson and I have co-facilitated an extended training programme in Regent’s Park, London.  The latest iteration of this programme which starts in October is the culmination of what Ian and I have learned both from our work together and our own personal and professional journeys.

What Sydney Banks saw was that the only true change agent is insight: insight into Truth, into the nature of our experience as human beings.  What we have witnessed over and over again in the groups we work with, is that creating a space for insight to happen brings about transformation and healing. And it is this personal transformation that people get to share with others.

So, in our newly revised training we are bringing this personal transformation centre stage. We absolutely know for sure that every human being is already perfect and whole, literally imbued with unlimited potential. Our role is to create a space for each person on our course to remember and realise that wholeness: for each person to recover those aspects of themselves lost or hidden over time which once uncovered, bring gifts previously not dreamed of.  Each person’s journey is unique and we never cease to be amazed at the insights people have, the changes they make in their lives and the healing that happens when people reclaim parts of their soul. What we also know is that, while individual journeys are always different, there are universal truths which guide us towards wholeness.

Ultimately Truth is impersonal.  We are really one spiritual energy not separate individuals, but our direct experience as living, breathing, vibrant human beings, is in physical form. It is not the transcendence of that personal form which  is helpful but the deep realisation that spirit and matter are not separate. As Sydney Banks says:

“Nothing on earth is more paradoxical than the truth, for the Truth represents both the form and formless. Without one, the other is only half the puzzle. Without one, the other is of little value and is a cosmic lie.”

Our aim is help people realise their wholeness and truly integrate this understanding into their everyday lives. Ours is a very grounded and practical spirituality. We draw on the modern and ancient wisdom. We orient people towards transformation of mind, body and soul through an expansion of consciousness and a return to themselves.

A beautiful group of people is coming together but we have a few places left if you would like to join us. You can find out more at The Insight Space website