Journey to Wholeness (Part 2)

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19 June 2019, Comments: Comments Off on Journey to Wholeness (Part 2)

“All life is divine energy whether in form or the formless.

When this energy takes form, we call it nature.

Both the form and the formless together create the whole, the oneness of life….”

Sydney Banks


In using the words above, Sydney Banks was pointing to a Reality which is beyond the comprehension of the human intellect. No words or scientific method can fully convey the infinite nature of Reality. What we experience in the world of form appears finite and fragmented; composed of separate beings, objects and events which are subject to laws of cause and effect. And yet there is no separation in Reality. Everything is interconnected and connected to source – the infinite field of potential from which it arises.


The formless principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought realised by Sydney Banks are a description of how our human experience is created. Thought literally creates the illusion of separate objects in the world of form by placing boundaries and limitations on our consciousness of Reality including our experience of ourselves.  Most of us, for most of the time, are conscious of ourselves as physical beings within the boundary of our own skin. As babies we do not have this differentiation between ourselves and the world around us until, as part of our natural development as human beings, we become self-aware and identified with our physical body.  As we develop cognitively, our senses become adapted to be aware of separate objects distinct from ourselves. We hear sounds and see colours within ranges that are helpful for us in navigating life in our physical form. Thought forms are constantly changing giving us an experience of our lives unfolding in time and space.


This unfolding is our journey in physical form.


And yet just beneath this constantly changing human experience is something which does not change. There is a formless dimension to our being. An unchanging awareness which is present through it all.


What is that? Can you get a sense of it in this very moment reading these words?

What is that which is looking out through your eyes right now? Is it the same as what looked out through your eyes yesterday? Last year? When you were 21? When you were 7?

Is there something that has not changed?


Sometimes we are graced with a direct experience of this timeless, changeless dimension. It has been called by many names – pure consciousness, Awareness, the space within, Soul, true nature, Self, Presence. Many of us can remember a time, perhaps in childhood, where we first experienced a deep sense of being part of something greater than our physical selves. Most people I speak with have had moments where they have felt or intuited a deeper dimension of their being. Perhaps holding a new-born baby in their arms, being awed by the beauty of nature or a sunset, gazing at the Milky Way on a clear summer night. It is a remembering of the undifferentiated state, the oneness of life.


This remembering is our journey in spiritual form.


This formless energy has an unfathomable intelligence.




It beats our hearts, breathes our lungs, grows oak trees from acorns and spins planets around the sun. We are not separate from that energy but of it – part of the unified whole that is Reality.


This wisdom lies prior to the endlessly changing thought forms that give rise to the sense of a separate self, shrouding the Truth within. It never changes. It lies within the consciousness of every human being on the planet for there is only one consciousness.


When wisdom is realised it burns away the illusion of separation. We see beyond the filters of culture, race, religion, gender, sexuality, class. We see the beauty everywhere and in everyone. Greed, conflict, wars stop. We are healed.


In the words of Wayne Dyer:

“The wholeness, the oneness, that we truly are, is revealed as we begin trusting the wisdom that created us.”



Realising the oneness of life is our journey to wholeness.






Our final “Journey to Wholeness” programme starts in October 2019 and enrolment is open






Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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