Carol Boroughs

"Freedom is realised when the desire to know Truth burns more fiercely than the desire to defend the story of who we are. We do not choose freedom. It is what we already are: we discover it when we stop defending and open to love."

Carol Boroughs - Signposts - Three Principles

Carol in her own words

My work at Signposts brings together the skills and experience I have accumulated over four decades in the field of human development and transformation, in the early years as a human resources consultant and for the last 25 years as a holistic therapist, healer and teacher. I also draw directly on intrinsic knowledge and personal experience of awakenings which began in childhood and led to a transformational realisation in 2011.

I have chosen to use the Three Principles as the basis of my work as I recognise it to be a powerful teaching for our time. It has helped me integrate my spontaneous spiritual insights and brought about deeper understanding and personal healing. It has also given me a way to articulate and share this knowledge with others.

I work with a very diverse range of people all over the world, always with the aim to alleviate suffering where it is experienced. Through simple presence and deep listening I meet each person where they are on their unique journey and help them explore deeper dimensions of being.

I also mentor other practitioners working in the field or those who would like to share their understanding with others.

When I am not working, I can usually be found enjoying time in nature, swimming, wildlife watching or attempting to capture the beauty I see around me with my camera. 

“Presence is surrendering to each moment without seeking to avoid any event, thought or emotion. By remaining present we can deepen into the inner peace that is the core of our true self.”

“Looking deeper into the nature of life has, at times, been unexpectedly bumpy and disorientating. In Carol I have found a mentor and teacher who quietly and with deep wisdom points me back to Truth, to looking within in ways that help steady the ship when it feels most vulnerable. Carol's own deep understanding and quiet presence, seem to illuminate the way. I feel profoundly grateful to have crossed paths with such a teacher. To find such a beautiful guiding presence in spiritual matters is a gift.”

Juliet Fay
“Attending the 6-week mentoring programme with Carol has been amazing. Just when you think you have it all sussed, or you feel in a good place, something comes along to pull the rug from under your feet, wake you up and pop you back down in a different place. This certainly, for me anyway, took my understanding to a much deeper level and packed one hell of a punch. THANK YOU so much Carol, for your wisdom, insights, support and care. I cannot recommend this programme enough to anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the 3Ps in a very supportive and caring environment.”

Debbie Walmsley

Carol in others' words

“I am so grateful to Carol for being the most amazing teacher on my journey into being a 3 principles coach and facilitator. Always ever present in her love and wisdom to support and assist me when I couldn’t see clearly, and even when I could. Carol has an amazing capacity of seeing you for who you really are and reassuring you that you are never broken. I would highly recommend her as a facilitator, coach and teacher.”

Annette Stein
I initially sought Carol’s help for mentoring and guidance following a very challenging period. Carol has a magical way of ‘holding space’ - meeting me where I am in the moment and quietly pointing me back to my own wisdom and truth. Working with Carol has enabled me to connect with ‘self’ more fully and to understand the nature of my experience. The knowledge that I wasn’t really needing any ‘fixing’ has also resulted in a more peaceful, gentle and expansive attitude to myself and my experience of life. Ultimately, I have felt a strengthening and a core belief in myself. I now trust in the knowledge that the answers always lie within. I am extremely grateful to have Carol’s guidance and have undertaken her group courses as well as an extended one-to-one course in the Three Principles. I continue to be in awe of the transformational journey that I am on and especially of the benefits that this has had on those around me. Carol is a wonderful teacher of the 3Ps and her gentle, kind manner belies a profound wisdom that is deeply healing to anyone who chances upon her path. Lucy Mitford-Slade