The next series of my Monday Morning Mentoring sessions is starting on Monday 25thFebruary 2019.  

If you are a three principles practitioner and would like to start the week with a small group of like-minded people for an online mentoring session facilitated by me, read on to find out more.

The original inspiration for the group mentoring arose from a desire to serve the growing number of three principles facilitators and coaches in this fledgling field, Individual mentoring can be expensive particularly when you are just starting out, working on a voluntary basis or working part-time. Many are working largely on their own and may feel a bit isolated. These groups have proved to be highly enjoyable and effective sessions for a people from a variety of backgrounds and experience providing a great opportunity for peer to peer learning and support.

The group is for anyone sharing the principles with others and you do not have to undergone any formal training or qualification.

I have been training, supervising, mentoring and facilitating groups for 30+ years and my work has been entirely principles based for over 7 years.  As a co-facilitator on the Insight Space Facilitator Training since its inception in 2012, I have helped scores of people get sufficiently grounded in the principles to share effectively in a very wide range of settings. I personally work with a very broad range of clients in groups and one-to-one and I love to share the spiritual nature of the principles.


Programme Details

We will meet at 9.30 am via Zoom for 90 minutes to talk about anything to do with sharing the Three Principles. It is space for you to share what you are learning from your work, to explore where you are stuck or experiencing difficulties and get help with anything that crops up. The atmosphere will informal so all members can learn from one another as well as being mentored by me.  I will record each zoom session and make the recording available just for the group which is useful if you want to re-visit something or if you have to miss a session.

The dates for the six sessions in the series are below.








The cost of the programme is £190 payable in advance.

Places will be filled on a first come first served basis.

If you would like to join, email me at carol@threeprinciples.co.ukand I will send you payment and joining details.

I am really looking forward to meeting the new group and seeing where starting our week looking in the direction of Mind will take us,



What previous group members have said:

“Carol combines a very deep level of understanding with great skill as a facilitator. For me seeing deeper always seems to be the answer if I get stuck and this short programme, has opened up some very deep insights for me but has also been practically helpful. 

 Being able to ask questions and share challenges with a small group is invaluable. The group was warm and hearing others’ questions, experiences and insights was also helpful. I love learning in groups, there is something very powerful at play. The conversation moved between practicalities and profound truth. All in all, a very good way to start the week. I would highly recommend working with Carol in this kind of programme for anyone who is beginning to develop a principles-based enterprise and is interested in learning more from a very experienced and insightful practitioner who can express profound truths in an accessible, simple and gentle way.”                                                            

 Juliet Fay, Three Principles Facilitator


“I am so grateful to Carol for being the most amazing teacher on my journey into being a 3 principles coach and facilitator.

Always ever present in her love and wisdom to support and assist me when I couldn’t see clearly, and even when I could.

Her gentle loving yet powerful approach is something I will always carry forward into my life.

Carol has an amazing capacity of seeing you for who you really are and for reassuring you that you are never broken.  I would highly recommend her as a facilitator, coach and teacher.”

Annette Stein, Three Principles Coach and Facilitator



“The wee glimpse of understanding that I have of the 3principles is enhancing my daily living within myself and my work as an adult guidance Counsellor. There is a great awareness of inclusion of the whole person and this is what I truly value. Having Carol as a mentor has deepened my understanding of truth. 

Participating in the group sharing was something I really enjoyed and valued. I really enjoy group work and learn so much from other people’s experiences. But also to have Carol as facilitator kept us focused and grounded me to stay in the present. I also looked forward to having the meeting in my own office on a Monday morning. It was wonderful to be connected to similar minded people from different parts of the world and different life experiences. This created great hope and a great sense of excitement and joy for me. Thank you, Carol. “

Josephine McGread, Adult Guidance Counsellor


“After completing my Three Principles training with Carol and Ian, I felt compelled to do Carol’s Monday Group. To be with this wonderful lady is a blessing. She points us back to our wellbeing with such warmth and kindness. My understanding is forever deepening and my curiosity in what will show up for me to see is infinite.  A beautiful way to start a Monday and set the week off to the greatest mystery there is.”                                                                      

Michaela Saffrin – Three Principles Facilitator



Photo credit: Sunrise in Antarctica, Allan Boroughs