Whether it is private one to one work or in a group, Three Principles facilitation is essentially a series of conversations in which we explore the nature of the human experience. It is not like therapy as I do not seek to fix anything and there is no need to go back into the past or to analyse your personality or painful emotions. It is not like coaching or other personal development methodologies that require the application of techniques or practices. Your conversations with me will be relaxing and peaceful as we uncover your own well-being and you learn through having your own insights.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that every person I work with has an innate capacity to recognise truth and access clarity, wisdom and well-being if they have the willingness to listen and follow in the direction the signposts point.


One to One Facilitation

One to one work forms the greater part of my practice and is individualised for every client so the following are to give you a sense of what types of services I offer.


Multi Day Intensive

Spending three or four consecutive days immersing yourself in learning about the Three Principles is a wonderful way to kick start a life time of learning and experience the transformational power of this understanding.

Intensives are essentially a personal mini retreat. Each one is tailored to the individual but essentially we meet in person for two or three sessions each day for three or four consecutive days. There is plenty of time for relaxing, getting quiet and reflecting on what we are exploring together. Working in this way allows you to take a complete break from your everyday life to allow you the greatest opportunity for learning to occur and insights to arise.

People who undertake intensives do so for many different reasons. Some examples include:

  • getting help with mental/emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, etc

  • finding clarity on work issues or other life circumstances

  • improving their performance at work or in business

  • finding the happiness and peace of mind that is still missing despite having achieved a great deal in life

  • to explore and gain greater understanding their spiritual nature.


I run intensives in my consulting room in North London which allows for daily commuting or various residential options in country hotels nearby. I also offer them in the stunningly beautiful West Penwith area of Cornwall for a complete retreat experience.

Also available are intensives for couples or small groups (4-6 people) which is great way to share the costs.


“My experience of learning about the Three Principles, in a one to one intensive with Carol Boroughs, was one of the most enriching times of my life. Having the time to explore the Principles with Carol, whose gentle manner, rare ability to truly listen and natural intuition, provided me with a precious clarity and understanding that has transformed my life to a place where I am now more able and comfortable to just BE…”

                                                Alison, Penwith, Cornwall (3 day intensive client)

A Series of Individual Sessions

I also offer people a series of individual 90 minute sessions spread over a longer period (e.g. 3 to 12 weeks) depending on the needs of the individual client. These can be in person in my consulting room, via Zoom on the internet or by phone. I offer a minimum of 6 sessions block booked in advance.


“Carol brings an incredible calmness and wisdom to her work and she shares her knowledge of the Three Principles in such a way that their essence can be easily understood and integrated. Carol speaks with such clarity. Her stillness and depth of understanding helped me to see the message behind the words and as soon as I saw that it became a powerfully transformative and life-altering experience for me. Thanks to Carol, the Three Principles have become part of the fabric of daily life. Difficult situations no longer phase me. Understanding the Three Principles has given me a clarity and perspective that enables me to navigate daily life in a remarkably different way. Thank you, Carol!”

                                                               Ciara (Skype and in person sessions)


For Three Principles Facilitators, Practitioners and Coaches

I offer one-off or on-going mentoring to other Three Principles Facilitators, practitioners and coaches.

Supervision and mentoring has been an integral part of my work at every stage of my careers, both in management and clinical work. I am also able to draw on my experience of teaching on the Insight Space Facilitator Training courses each year since  and mentoring the students and graduates.

Whether it is a deeper grounding, support with clients or with practice development you require, I am here to help you. We all need a fresh perspective at times and even one session can reap rewards.


“Having had the privilege of being taught by Carol (and Ian Watson) for 9 months on the Insight Space Facilitator Training, when I saw she was offering a small group online mentoring programme, I jumped at the chance. Living in West Wales, some distance from London this was a perfect way for me to hear more from Carol. And once you spend time in conversation with Carol, you find you really, really want to hear more. 

Carol combines a very deep level of understanding with great skill as a facilitator. For me seeing deeper always seems to be the answer if I get stuck and this short programme, has opened up some very deep insights for me but has also been practically helpful. 

Being able to ask questions and share challenges with a small group is invaluable. The group was warm and hearing others’ questions, experiences and insights was also helpful. I love learning in groups, there is something very powerful at play. The conversation moved between practicalities and profound truth. All in all a very good way to start the week. I would highly recommend working with Carol in this kind of programme for anyone who is beginning to develop a principles based enterprise and is interested in learning more from a very experienced and insightful practitioner who can express profound truths in an accessible, simple and gentle way.” 

                                                                     Juliet Fay, Three Principles Facilitator

Group Programmes

Group programmes are a highly cost-effective way to work with me and a great way to learn from others in the group.

I run small group courses in person on a regular basis which are open to anyone and for the first time in  2018 I shall be offering a series of online programmes suitable for people new to the Principles. The details of these will be posted in the News/Events section of this website and on my Facebook Page . The best way to ensure you stay informed of all events and courses is to sign up for my Newsletter.


“I highly recommend the opportunity to join the group sessions being hosted by Carol. The benefit of experiencing the shared wisdom that comes from the discussions is really beyond words. I have the experience of getting lost in my thinking and then feeling lost and alone so I have felt immense support in the presence of Carol and the group.”

                                                                           Robert E Barker, Three Principles Facilitator


Bespoke Courses and Group Programmes 

I also teach groups, workshops and retreats on a bespoke basis. If you have a group of people who want to learn, let’s talk and see what we can put together. It can be a small intimate gathering in someone’s house or office or a larger workshop or retreat at a bigger venue.


Work with Me

As with any transformative process, the connection between practitioner and client is paramount. If you are interested in working with me and want to find out more please give me a call or email me so we can arrange a time for an initial conversation to explore how best to work together.


 “There are so many teachers in the world and so many theories about life. When selecting a teacher, ask yourself… Is my teacher a well-balanced person? Is she or he happy? Does my teacher demonstrate the quality of life I desire? If the answer to any of these questions is no, move on in your journey. Otherwise, you may become one of the blind, led by the blind.”

                            Sydney Banks, The Missing Link