A one day online seminar exploring how an understanding of the three principles can help us live more peaceful lives even in challenging times


“No none can give away wisdom. A teacher can only lead you to it via words, hoping you will have the courage to look within yourself and find it in your own consciousness.” Sydney Banks


In this modern age of super-fast communications, achievement orientation, changing economic circumstances, and restrictions to the way we live due to the pandemic, stress seems to be part of everyday life for many. Whether it is a demanding job, the balancing act that many parents face daily, a traumatic past or current life events, it can seem that living a peaceful life is pretty much impossible right now.

But what if stress, regardless of its cause, was found to be optional rather than an intrinsic part of the human experience and peaceful living was possible in any moment? What if we discovered that it is not life events creating our stress but an overlooked variable we can uncover? What if our true nature always allowed us access to peace of mind and emotional resilience? What if our experience of life is being created from the inside out? This seminar is about exploring just that.

The Three Principles is an understanding of life uncovered by the late Sydney Banks which points people towards the innate well-being and peace of mind that is always available within us regardless of the outer circumstances of our lives.

By sharing her own insights arising from this understanding of the Three Principles, Carol creates a space for your own insights to arise. Carol gently signposts the way to a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

This seminar is for everyone interested in tapping into their own potential for peace of mind and emotional resilience. It is also suitable for therapists helping others with stressful lives. It is not a personal development technique which needs to be learned or mastered but a simple understanding of life which leads to personal insight and uncovering your own wisdom and peace within.  The only requirement is a willingness to let Carol’s signposts guide you beyond your current concepts and beliefs.

Although this seminar is an introduction to the Three Principles and no prior knowledge is required, people who already have some grounding in them will also benefit as there is no end to the deepening that occurs with this understanding.

If you would like to discover a way to live more peacefully, treat yourself to an inspiring journey of self-discovery. It may just change the course of your life.


Friday 20th November 2020  

10 am to 4.30pm (UK time zone)

Online via Zoom (an easy platform to use even for beginners. You will need a computer or mobile device with a microphone and camera in it.

Cost  £55

Register  via email carol@threeprinciples.co.uk


I look forward to helping you uncover a more peaceful way of living,