Soul to Soul: A Space for Connection

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14 June 2022, Comments: Comments Off on Soul to Soul: A Space for Connection

Soul to Soul is an online space which I am creating for people to get together to enjoy gentle and meaningful conversations. They are intended for anyone who loves to explore the spiritual dimensions of life, whatever stage you are at in your own exploration.

This will be different to the group programmes I offer.  It will be a more formless space for reflection and connection. My role will be to hold the space and facilitate the conversation, but everyone will be welcome to share, ask questions, answer questions, listen or simply bring their presence. There will be no fixed agenda or topic. I will open the session by sharing my own spiritual reflection to start the flow of the conversation and let it evolve from there.

If you have worked with me before, especially in a group, you will know that deep and powerful conversations emerge from this space. You will also know that beautiful souls always show up and profound connections are made. If you have not worked with me before, the “drop-in” nature of the sessions provides a good opportunity for you to meet me and experience the space and presence I offer.

The sessions will be held on the second Friday of each month between 4pm and 6 pm (UK time).

The initial series will run for 4 months starting on 16th September 2022 and may continue beyond if people find it helpful.  You can either sign up for all four sessions or on a month-by-month basis.

The cost for each session is £45 or £160 for the series of 4.

The dates for the four sessions are

16th September 2022

14th October 2022

18th November 2022

16th December 2022

These will be in-the-moment, sacred conversations and will not be recorded.

If you would like to join me for the full series simply email me for joining details. Or email me to be added to the monthly reminder notification to join each month.

I look forward to connecting soon,


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