Josephine McGread

5 February 2019, Comments: Comments Off on Josephine McGread
February 5, 2019


The wee glimpse of understanding that I have of the 3principles is enhancing my daily living within myself and my work as an adult guidance Counsellor. There is a great awareness of inclusion of the whole person and this is what I truly value. Having Carol as a mentor has deepened my understanding of truth.

Participating in the group sharing was something I really enjoyed and valued. I really enjoy group work and learn so much from other people’s experiences. But also to have Carol as facilitator kept us focused and grounded me to stay in the present. I also looked forward to having the meeting in my own office on a Monday morning. It was wonderful to be connected to similar minded people from different parts of the world and different life experiences. This created great hope and a great sense of excitement and joy for me. Thank you, Carol.