Lynda Alleyne

8 September 2014, Comments: Comments Off on Lynda Alleyne
September 8, 2014

My first experience of hearing about the Three Principles profoundly changed my emotional state. I attended Carol’s seminar day entitled ‘Signposts to a Stress Free Life.’ I was attracted to the title of this day, but had no idea what to expect or of the power of the Three Principles. I had heard Carol speak before on another subject and knew she was a professional, empathic speaker, so attended expecting to gain some knowledge.  Carol’s opening sentences …”you don’t have to do anything, write anything, in fact you don’t even have to listen to me, just let your mind quieten and just be” – instance peace and release!

 Carol created a quiet, reflective peace, holding the space for us all to find our way into the Three Principles.

I followed this day with three one-to-one sessions with her, during which she guided and nurtured me into realising that I (like all of us) have innate healing qualities and the ability to just ‘be’. 

 Carol radiates a calmness and gentleness that is inspirational and exciting all at the same time; she is a very professional facilitator.

Thank you, Carol for introducing me to the Three Principles.