~ The Three Principles ~

The Three Principles is the name given to an understanding developed by Sydney Banks (1931-2009) who had a profound, spontaneous realization about the foundation of all human experience. Having undergone a radical personal transformation, he dedicated the rest of his life to sharing his insights with people around the world.

The spiritual Truth at the heart of this understanding has been shared for millennia by sages and teachers in many traditions yet there is a unique simplicity in this teaching which makes it highly accessible for the modern world.

There are two key strands to the teaching: how our experience is created and uncovering our true nature. 

The Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness provide a powerful metaphor which help us understand how all human beings experience life. When we realise that our experience is always being created from within us, it brings a transformation in our understanding of life at every level. Our experience of the inevitable challenges in life can be radically altered when we understand how that experience is being created. 

The other key part of the teaching is realising that the happiness we seek is in fact our true nature. Peace, clarity, wisdom, resilience, compassion and wholeness are not found in the external world but within.

“Seek without seeking for what you hope to attain is already within you” Sydney Banks

The heart of Three Principles Facilitation is a conversation in which a facilitator provides signposts to help you understand how your experience of life is being created from the inside and uncovers your essential nature within. Simply through understanding at an insightful level, people access wisdom and change occurs without needing to change external circumstances, practice techniques, delve into a painful past or analyse the content of current issues.

Carol works with people all over the world who are struggling with a very diverse range of challenges such as their marriages and relationships, careers, businesses, parenting, grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, abuse, spiritual crisis and chronic physical health issues. Learning about the Three Principles can bring about profound transformation. 

Sometimes it is these life challenges and our suffering that draws us to spiritual teachings for relief, but Carol also works with those who are wonderfully healthy, high functioning individuals who have achieved everything they set out to do in life and yet there is a sense of something missing, something yearned for, an untapped potential. Realising our essential nature allows us to have a deeper, more connected and fulfilling life experience and to navigate life’s challenges with more grace, ease and compassion for ourselves and others.

“Whatever you are currently experiencing and regardless of your external circumstances, your potential for having a different experience of life is limitless. Learning the Three Principles is transforming the lives of people all over the world by helping them tap into this potential.”
Carol Boroughs