Three Principles

Can learning about the Principles help me?

The Three Principles were uncovered by Sydney Banks (1931-2009) who had a profound, spontaneous realization about the foundation of all human experience. Having undergone a radical personal transformation he dedicated the rest of his life to sharing what he had seen with people around the world.

The Three Principles describe how all human beings experience life. These Principles apply consistently and universally with no exceptions so it doesn’t matter what we are up to in life, the human system works in the same way. The Principles don’t prescribe anything to do or tell us how to live but simply describe how we are creating our experience of life from moment to moment. And the more we understand about how our minds work, the more ease and joy we find in life, whatever we are doing.

Essentially, we all have access to a deeper intelligence that provides the answers to all life’s challenges, we just don’t always realise this and spend a lot of time and energy looking in all the wrong places for the answers. Sages and visionaries through the ages have entreated us to look within. They were pointing us to look beyond the limitations of our personal thought systems to the deeper intelligence, to the creative force within us all.

Have you ever had the experience of really struggling with something and then just when you have given up or gone off to do something else, you get a new idea about how to solve it – a flash of inspiration, an a-ha moment, an insight.  That’s the deeper intelligence at work and it is a natural gift of the human mind. It works the same way for all human beings in all situations. Understanding the Three Principles helps us access that clarity more frequently. When we know how the system works we know where to look for the answers and also where not to look.
Recently I have worked with people struggling with a very diverse range of challenges such as their marriages, careers, businesses, parenting, grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, abuse, spiritual crisis and long term physical health issues. Our experience of the inevitable challenges in life can be radically altered when we understand how that experience is being created and how resilience in the face of those challenges is an inherent part of how we operate.
No two people are the same and no two people will have the same insights about the way forward for them but as I gently help them uncover their own answers, what is consistent, is that they will access just what they require without needing to change their external circumstances, practice techniques, delve into a painful past or analyse the content of current issues.

The heart of Three Principles Facilitation is a conversation in which I provide signposts to help you transform your own experience of life.

The Three Principles understanding is rapidly spreading around the world and is helping people in many diverse fields such as business, coaching, sports, psychology, addiction recovery, prisons, schools, mental health and creativity.

So whatever you are facing in life right now, the Three Principles has huge potential to help. Learn more about the services I offer to people drawn to learn about the Principles here.


A Deeper Dimension

There is a deeper dimension to life which is often hidden yet it beckons to some of us at different times in our lives. Sometimes a crisis of some sort prompts us to look for greater meaning; sometimes there is a persistent pull towards something unseen but intuited which is bigger than ourselves. The Three Principles are pointing us towards this deeper dimension, beyond our individual psychology to our spiritual essence. This is most definitely not a religion. There is no belief system or dogma. This is not “rainbows and unicorns” type of spirituality. The Three Principles are psycho-spiritual facts that apply consistently to every human being on Earth. It is a grounded, simple, powerful spiritual teaching for western societies in the 21st Century.

And some of the people I work with are wonderfully healthy, high functioning individuals who have achieved all, or most of, what they set out to do in life…and yet…there is a sense of something missing, something yearned for. Perhaps it has led to a spiritual seeking of some kind, a search for that deeper dimension of life that seems hidden or just out of reach.

I first came across the Principles at a time when I was seeking to understand how a human being has the capacity to have a totally blissful, transcendent experience one day, only to be plunged back into darkness and despair a short time later. In 2010 I had the first of a series of profound spiritual realisations which radically changed my understanding of life. The experience left me living in a state of profound peace and although I could not un-see what I had realised, within a few months I was struggling again and experiencing post traumatic pain. How could a human being know themselves to be a perfect part of an infinite whole but feel irreparably wounded too? I knew the answer was spiritual one and in my search for answers I discovered the teachings of Sydney Banks which quite literally provided the missing link in my understanding of the human condition.

I discovered that I had never been broken.

I found profound forgiveness, gratitude and compassion which are beyond the understanding of our personal minds and beyond expression limited by language.

An ever-deepening understanding of my own true nature allows me to have a richer, more connected and fulfilling life experience and to navigate life’s challenges with more grace, ease and compassion for myself and others. It’s not that I don’t experience the full spectrum of human emotion but that I can have the experience of those emotions without the experience having me – without suffering.

The power of the Three Principles understanding is its universal nature. It underpins all human experience and is therefore applicable in any field of human endeavour. Its uniqueness is the simplicity of the teaching. This makes it is accessible to anyone and even a little understanding can have a big impact in people’s lives in very practical ways. It is this simplicity which allows me to share what I have discovered for myself with others.

If, like me, you have explored many different spiritual teachings and yet still long for the inner peace you instinctively know is available, take a look at what the Three Principles offers. I would love to share with you what learning about these principles has helped me realise. Find out how to work with me here.


“Learning about the Three Principles from Carol gave me the miracle of freedom. She helped me transcend all past hurts and reach a level of acceptance for all things which brought peace beyond description. She did not do this for me but helped me do it for myself. I have tried a lot of different spiritual teachings and self-development techniques in my time but this is completely different. It does not require hard work or endless study. Nothing has changed my life more, nothing comes close. The beauty of it is, that it is so simple.You could travel to India to see an enlightened sage who might talk in metaphor and riddles – or you could go and see Carol. It really doesn’t get any better than this!”

      Julian, (one day intensive with follow up sessions)